Why is your Online Business Identity so important!

Why is your Online Business Identity so important!

The level of internet penetration today has meant that it’s more important than ever for businesses to build a strong online business identity. Building a strong online identity involves more than just having a website. We look at how you can build a strong online identity to boost business growth.

Why Online Identity Matters

With increasing numbers of people using the internet to find out information about businesses, online identity is at least as important today as offline branding efforts may have once been for businesses. As a result, a creative agency might advise you on strategies for reinvigorating your online brand rather than solely focusing on offline branding efforts.

The key reasons for valuing a strong online identity or brand are:

  • Reach. The internet has unlimited reach, and more people are using the internet to research businesses or buy products.
  • Building trust. An online identity enables you to build credibility and trust more quickly, without the expensive outlays associated with traditional advertising or media.
  • Cost effectiveness. Building an online identity can help you reach a potentially unlimited audience for relatively low costs.
  • Matching competitors’ presence. Given the reach of the internet and the behavior of consumers, it’s more likely than not that your competitors have already taken measures to build a strong identity online. Missing out on this invaluable channel could weaken your competitiveness and cost you in terms of market share.

Elements of an Online Identity

So, it’s clear that businesses need a strong online identity to not only reach more customers, but to encourage customers to trust your business more quickly. What are the major tools available to those looking to build their online presence?

  • Website. Great website design and appealing copy is vital, but so is a fast-loading website. Research indicates that the average consumer will tend to have little patience with slow websites.
  • Logo. Logos are crucial elements for online and offline branding. A good logo makes your business instantly more recognizable and/or memorable.
  • Informational content. Content is another important element in building an online presence. Create a conversation with your market through a video blog, article or other useful content.
  • Complementary tools. These are the tools that facilitate the amplification of your online identity. Email marketing, social media marketing, and other similar types of channels can all be used to support the building of your online identity.

Building a Presence

While a good website is important for building a strong online presence, businesses need to do more than merely providing a website to their customers. To have a successful online identity, you need to understand your target market, provide useful content, use the right channels, and provide regular updates.

  • Understanding your target market. When you understand your target audience, you’re able to connect more effectively with your readers. You’ll know the design elements that will appeal to them, the right content to trigger interest, the appropriate voice and tone, and the channels where you can best reach them.
  • Provide useful content. Content is important when you’re building an online identity. It allows you to give your brand a personalized voice and tone, and it’s an excellent way to provide informative value for your audience.
  • Use the right voice and tone. Friendly and casual, or corporate and formal? The right voice and tone enhances your brand in the eyes of your target audience.
  • Use the best online channels. Knowing how to reach your audience is just as important as content. Knowing which online marketing channels (whether it’s pay-per-click advertising, blogging, video blogging, or social media) will best support your online marketing efforts is a good way of making your marketing dollars go further.
  • Regular Updates. Whether it’s updating your website copy or social media accounts, regular updates keeps your connection with your customers relevant and topical.

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