What is a server? – Server Definition

What is a server? – Server Definition

In Brief:

  • On the Internet, a server is a remote computer that provides the requested data from the browsers of other computers.
  • In local networks and software means configuring a PC as a server to provide access to the network and its resources.
  • Servers store information in the form of web pages via the HTTP protocol and deliver it to the request of clients (web browsers) in HTML format.

In computing, a server is a type of software that performs certain tasks on behalf of users. The term server is now also used to refer to the physical computer on which the software runs, a machine whose purpose is to provide data so that other machines can use that data.

This dual use can be confusing. For example, in the case of a web server, this term may refer to the machine that stores and manages the websites, and in this sense is used by companies that offer hosting or hosting. Alternatively, the web server could refer to software like Apache http server, which works on the machine and manages the delivery of the components of the web pages in response to requests from client browsers.

The files for each website is stored and run on the server. There are many servers on the Internet and many types of servers, but share the common function of providing access to files and services.

A server serves information to computers that connect to it. When users connect to a server can access programs, files and other server information.

On the web, a web server is a computer that uses the HTTP protocol to send Web pages to a user’s computer when the user requests them.

Web servers, mail servers and database servers that are accessed most people to use the Internet.

Some servers handle only mail or only files, while others do more than one job, because one computer can have different server programs running simultaneously.

The servers are connected to the network via an interface that can be true or via a network connection via telephone line or digital.