Work Process

Work Process The Beast follows to create its work?

The Marketing Beast - Our Proccess

Testing every application and test in different browsers and Platforms

Your website is almost ready!! But it is not done yet. The Beast still needs to run it through an extensive process to ensure cross-browser compatibility, functionality, and usability in the most comon platforms — tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktops, and more. The Beast then goes from staging phase to the final production phase. Then ready, get set, GO!

The Marketing Beast - Cross-Browser Compatibility

Technical Support and Security Maintenance

Web and Technical SupportThe Marketing Beast offers high quality support services through a variety of highways: Google and WordPress Analytics Reports, SEO campaigns, Social Media Maintenance and Publishes, Security checks / updates and Website Backups. The web (just like The Beast) is always under a continuous evolution process and I am there every step of the way.