What is cross-browser layout?

What is cross-browser layout?

The cross-browser display is an important aspect of the work of a professional web layout designer. Making a layout displays correctly in all browsers is no easy task, let alone a website that displays correctly in a browser means that your display is correct in other browsers. Not at all.

Although validate the HTML and CSS using the W3C validation service and we know by heart the HTML and CSS standards will always be small differences between browsers display because they do not support the web standards identically. This is a situation that occurs repeatedly because browsers are developed by teams of people firms and different working rhythms and different objectives, they do what they can to accommodate improvements to each new version of web standards.

What browsers should look good a layout?

There usability studies indicating how long it should be considered a current web browser like, but the best way to know what browsers we worry about supporting a consulting web layout is usage statistics.


The chart speaks for itself: the most used browsers today are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. Internet Explorer 6 is considered deprecated, so it should support from version 7 this browser.

How to achieve a cross-browser layout?

The starting point for achieving a crossbrowser layout is to write HTML and CSS valid, but not enough. Achieve cross-browser layout necessarily going to write CSS code conditional, ie incorporated CSS code dynamically according to the client browser.

There are several techniques that can be used to achieve this goal:

  • Load specific style sheets for different versions of Internet Explorer using conditional HTML comments.
  • Load specific style sheets to include specific rules for Google Chrome and Safari based on browser detection using Javascript.
  • Use hacks to overcome deficiencies in some browsers.
  • Use a script to provide us the task of writing CSS rules depending on the browser.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing

The Beast Marketing strategy in the field of Online Marketing is focused on the constant search positioning and visibility of companies on the Internet, always developing actions towards achieving effective results, as more and more frequently offers Online Marketing companies and individuals excellent results in the promotion and sale of their products and services as well as in the creation and effective dissemination of a brand image.

Within the area of ​​Online Marketing, The Marketing Beast technical study use the Internet to advertise and sell those products and services, among which advertising cost per click (CPC), warnings (ads) on web portals, search engine marketing (including search engine optimization), the use of social networks and blogs developed marketing and, in general, web 2.0. Depending on the type of business you study, apply one or other tools, always aware of how effective each of them will have in its segment of the public with the aim of achieving the consolidation of the company.

The Beast Marketing, in its effort to improve management processes of its customers Online Marketing, works with Google AdWords, for the creation and optimization advertising campaigns in your browser.

How does the Online Marketing Work?

How does the Online Marketing Work?

For a good online marketing strategy you must focus on what your customers want and present your products in the digital media they use. The performance of our campaigns is based on what the user wants and looks.

Here we detail our Internet advertising services focused on enhancing the display of your brand:

To carry out the above types of campaign is essential that count on digital media to perform, which is why we offer the following services:


Understanding Search Engine Optimization

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

Understanding how search engine optimization works is not as easy as most people think. Getting good ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing! or Yahoo! is a very effective way to reach customers on the online world. These search engines gives high-quality traffic, which is a big deal for you and your website if it is done right.

Someone looking for a specific product has a higher chance on actually purchasing what they find and like, way more than anybody just surfing the web and running into it.

There is one thing you need to remember, it is not a simple task to rank among the first sites listed up to page 7 on any search engine. It is possible but not that easy. Why? the other companies have been running for a longer time and surely have had a lot more people looking for them than for your site, but The Marketing Beast’s team members are all experienced on the subject, and more than capable of helping you solve this issue.

Let The Marketing Beast optimize your website’s search engine ranking and online needs. Visit our Contact page or call (407) 494-0222 for a 100% FREE quote.

Never Experienced Getting A Designed Website?

Never Experienced Getting A Designed Website?

A few business owners The Marketing Beast has talked to have never had a website to represent their companies on the online media, and you know what? We are impresed byt that. They usually have a profitable company where their sales and income have increased without any problem. There is one other thing I would say: Your income would raise even more by reaching people you have never met and that use the internet to find exactly what you offer. A professional website can help you increase sales even farther and spread your name to the world of internet researchers who do not use the Yellow Pages any more and increase your new potential clients/customers every month!

Websites are an unquestionable asset (when designed properly) for all business’s planning on growing and developing farther than where they currently are. A good website will increase showcase your products and services, collect client’s (and your company’s) information to improve your touch with customers, and provide a 24/7 service and contact information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How can The Marketing Beast Help You On This?

The Marketing Beast’s Web Services enjoys helping small businesses and big business markets on the online world. We can eighter use a famous CMS format such as Wordpress and always keep it under your budget, or develop our own CMS for your system. We will be available after the site is launched for any assistance you need to either update or improve our service and your product.

Let The Marketing Beast create and optimize your website and online needs. Visit our Contact page or call (407) 494-0222 for a 100% FREE quote.

Got a Website Design That Is Not Performing?

Got a Website Design That Is Not Performing?

Web and Technical SupportDid you hire a web design company to design your website but it is not giving you the results you were expecting? We have heard people and businesses having this problem and are afraid of hiring another web design company to fix this. They may have goten a great looking website BUT they are not easy to use (not customer friendly) or does not bring in customers. Most “professional” website designers have previously worked on Graphic Design for printing and does not know the difference between that and Web Design which make these companies to design and develop amazingly looking layouts but lack the ability improve user’s experience and bring in new customers!

What Can The Marketing Beast Do For You To Fix This?

Website owners may be happy with the design their previous designers created for them but their results are not as positive and they expected. Here is where The Marketing Beast comes in improving its search engine optimization. The search engine optimization (SEO) from The Marketing Beast will help you by us getting into your existing site and re-work the content, code, and other key factors improving your site in the search engine results.

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