Improve your online visibility.

Improve your online visibility.

People might be using Google (or any other search engine) to find some service or product that you happen to provide? How can your website be improve its online visibility to get potential new business, customers or clients if searchers can’t find you?

Here is a short list on the steps The Marketing Beast follows to help you improve the visibility of your website in the search engines:

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   1. Keyword Research

The first step is researching what possible keywords related to your service or product will your target audience type in any search engine. You need to step into the shoes of the online user and think how will they go about it.
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   2. Technical Check

Consult with The Marketing Beast to make sure that your website technically suitable for search engine optimization. In some cases you may have to re-design your website on a different platform.
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   3. Optimize Site With Keywords

Use the right keywords found in the visible and invisible parts of your website. The invisible part is the website code or HTML tags which online users don’t see. The visible part is the content on your web pages.
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   4. Make Your Website Content Rich

Apart from your profile web pages like about us, services or products, it will be a good strategy to create a business, service or product blog. Populate it with articles that will give useful insights on certain subjects, solutions to probable problems, tips, etc. Just like what you are currently reading ;). Adding fresh content at least twice a month tells the search engines that your site is currently active.
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   5. Submit Articles At Other Places

Submit articles on other websites and related blogs or e-magazines. If your articles are insightful and useful, usually people will be glad to add your article to their website.
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   6. Submit To Local Sources

Submit your profile to local directories, maps and search engines. Make sure your website is mentioned in the details.
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   7. Be Active On The Internet

Use relevant websites, forums or blogs, to get actively involved. Write comments on their articles.Give your insights and perspectives. And always add your website name and link under your name, and last but not least, join as many online social networks as possible to keep them connected to your site.
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   8. Re-plan Your Content Presentation

Smart websites are well planned. They consistently generate leads or convinces the site visitor to make a purchase or make a contact. It is pointless to appear in the first or second page of search engines if your website fails to invoke interest to hold their attention.
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You need to remember, The Marketing Beast plans to give quality look to your website, put professional shots of your product, make interesting content headlines, revise your content, pitch your services in an innovative and creative way, make your content convincing, create a buzz piece to give away, put call to action buttons, etc.

There are many other things that can be done to drive traffic to your website and improve your site’s visibility in the search engines. For further consultation and implementation of some of the points mentioned above, get in touch with The Marketing Beast for more details on how we can help you.