What is Javascript?

What is Javascript?

Javascript is a programming language that allows developers to create actions on their websites. But what is Javascript?, How did Javascript? are some of the questions that the following article tries to solve.

Javascript is a language that can be used by professionals and beginners in the development and design of websites. It requires no compilation since the language works client side, browsers are responsible for interpreting the codes.

Many confuse JavaScript with Java but both languages ​​are different and have their unique characteristics. Javascript has the advantage of being incorporated into any website, can be executed without the need to install another program to be visualized.

Java on the other hand has the main feature being a platform-independent language. You can create any kind of program that can be run on any computer in the market: Linux, Windows, Apple, etc.. Due to its characteristics it is also widely used for the Internet.

As a summary it can be said that Javascript is a scripting language based on prototypes, while Java is a more object-oriented language.

What is Javascript?

JavaScript is a language with many possibilities, used to create small programs that are then inserted into a web page and in larger programs, aimed at more complex objects. With Javascript can create different effects and interact with our users.

This language has several features, among them we can mention that it is a language based on shares held fewer restrictions. Furthermore, it is a language that uses Windows and X-Windows systems, much of the programming in this language is focused on describing objects, write functions that respond to mouse movements, openings, use of keys, loads of pages among others.

It should be emphasized that there are two types of JavaScript: on one side is running on the client, this is the Javascript itself, though technically called Navigator JavaScript. But there is also a Javascript that runs on the server is more recent and is called LiveWire Javascript.

How did Javascript?

Javascript was the need to allow authors to create website pages that allow trade with users, as they needed to create more complex websites. The HTML only allowed to create static pages where one could display text with styles, but are needed to interact with users.

In the 1990s, Netscape LiveScript think, the first versions of this language were mainly engaged in small groups of Web designers who did not need to use a compiler, or no experience in object-oriented programming.

As they were available new versions of this language included new potential components that language, but unfortunately this version only worked on the latest version of the Navigator at the time.

In December 1995, Netscape and Sun Microsystems (the creator of Java) after joining to develop the project together, reintroduced this language with the name of Javascript. In response to the popularity of Javascript, Microsoft launched its own programming language based script, VBScript (a small version of Visual Basic).

In 1996 Microsoft is interested in competing with Javascript so Launches language called JScript, introduced in Internet Explorer browsers. Despite the various criticisms that are made to the javascript language, this is one of the most popular programming languages ​​for the web. Since browsers include Javascript, do not need the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run.

JavaScript is a technology that has survived for over 10 years, is fundamental on the web, along with the standardization of the “European Computer Manufacturers Association” (ECMA) (later adopted by the ISO) and W3C DOM, Javascript is regarded by many web developers as the foundation for the next generation of dynamic web applications on the client side.

Javascript standardization jointly with ECMA began in November 1996. It adopted this standard in June 1997 and then also by the “International Organization for Standardization” (ISO). The DOM for its acronym in English “Document Object Model” was designed to avoid incompatibilities.

Where I can see running Javascript?

Among the many services that are made with Javascript in Internet include:

  • Mail
  • Chat
  • Information Seekers

We can also find or create code to insert into your pages as:

  • Watch
  • Hit Counters
  • Dates
  • Calculators
  • Validating Forms
  • Detectors browsers and languages

How to identify Javascript code?

de nuestras páginas web.”>The javascript code can find it within the <body> </ body> of our websites. Usually inserted between: <script> </ script>. They can also be located in external files using:

<script type="text/javascript" src="micodigo.js"></script>

Some features of the language are:

Its syntax is similar to that used in Java and C, being a client side language that is interpreted by the browser, no need to install any Framework.

  • Variables: var = “Hello”, n = 103
  • Conditions: if (i <10) {…}
  • Cycles: for (i, i <10; i + +) {…}
  • Arrangements: var myArray = new Array (“12”, “77”, “5”)
  • Features: Ppopias of language and predefined by users
  • Comments for one line: / / Comments
  • Comments for several lines:
    / *
    * /
  • Allows OOP: document.write (“Hello”);
  • Variables can be defined as: string, integer, float, boolean simply using “var”. We can use “+” to concatenate strings and variables.

Is it compatible with browsers?

Javascript is supported by most browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, among others.

With the emergence of languages ​​like PHP server side and client side Javascript emerged acronym Ajax (Asynchronous Javascript And XML). The same is a technique for creating interactive web applications. This language combines several technologies:

  • HTML and CSS Style Sheets to create styles.
  • ECMAScript implementations, one of which is the Javascript language.
  • XMLHttpRequest is one of the most important functions including, for exchanging data asynchronously with the web server may be using PHP, ASP, and others.

We should note that although JavaScript is supported in many browsers our users can choose the option to Enable / Disable Javascript in them.

How does the Online Marketing Work?

How does the Online Marketing Work?

For a good online marketing strategy you must focus on what your customers want and present your products in the digital media they use. The performance of our campaigns is based on what the user wants and looks.

Here we detail our Internet advertising services focused on enhancing the display of your brand:

To carry out the above types of campaign is essential that count on digital media to perform, which is why we offer the following services:


Static Web Development.

Static Website Development Services

As we said in Static Web Design, If all you want is a ‘business card’ online then a few web pages will be fine. You don’t need a content management system for that (WordPress), after all you are not really managing anything. The Beast uses the latest in Web Development using HTML5 and CSS3 still giving the “Out-Of-The-Box”  look and feel that will catch your customer’s attention.

Accessibility through Cross-Browser compatibility

Have you heard how all web browsers (e.g. Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome, Opera) read websites differently? It means WE HAVE TO develop, test, fix, develop again and debug for every browser to make sure your website is 100% accessible through all means and The Beast is an expert on this subject, so relax and let us do all the work for you.

The Marketing Beast - Cross-Browser Compatibility

Online Brand Identity

The powerful meaning of an online brand identity

Your Online Brand Identity represents the personality of your company, and should represent how you want your products and/or services to be perceived by you customers and users. The Marketing Beast help you develop icons, names and/or symbols which your clients and users can identify with your product, services and/or company.

What types of brand identity does The Beast Offer?

The Marketing Beast can create, not only your website to be seen by customers on the online world, but it can also create your looks and feel for email promotions, landing pages for special events of information, and your look and feel in Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Our goal is to make the first impression to stick

When an online customer or client gets to your web page, they need to feel like thay are at the right place, that is why it has to be closely related to what you are offering and give an idea on what they can expect from it. Need to make them curious about your products wanting to find and know more about you. The Marketing Beast create the visual cues that tell the user that they are in the right place, looking at what they were looking for, and checking out the right place for the right product. Are you ready for this service? Contact Us for a FREE QUOTE and The Beast will get back to you ASAP.

  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Brand Management
  • Color / Image Selection
  • Position Statement Creation
  • Custom Logo Design
  • Business Card Design

Web Services.

Watch your business grow with our SEO program

Search Engine Rank Building is a core aspect of achieving a higher page rank, to increase your popularity on the world wide web. If you choose to incorporate SEO marketing into your webpage, we will analyze your current SEO Page rank, run a competitive analysis, review popular keywords, and implement a strategy for a full on-page SEO campaign for you.

  • Competitor / Market Analysis
  • Internal Link Research Campaign
  • META Tag / Headline Tag Creation
  • PR Sculpting / Optimization
  • Keyword Content Creation
  • Website Content Optimization

Off-Page SEO and Social Media services

Another critical aspect of building your popularity on the web is increasing the number of quality and relevant websites which link to your business. Search Engine Rank Building (SERB) is an intricate process of locating quality link partners and actively updating linking campaigns. We implement this strategy when requested, in order to achieve a higher page rank, greater search engine visibility, and strong link popularity. Utilizing both SEO marketing and SERB together, to expand your page rank.

  • Local Business Listing Creation
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Article Creation & Submission
  • Forum Posting & Discussions
  • Niche Directory Submissions
  • PR (Press Release) Creation
  • Business Blogging
  • Quality Blog Commenting
  • Classified Submission
  • Quality Link Building
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Wiki & Yahoo Answers

Web Development.

Web Development.

The Marketing Beast uses the people offering professional web development on Content Management Systems (CMS) to develop your Dynamic/Interactive website because of its amazing Search Engine friendliness and because of how easy we can make it for you to update it whenever you need to.

User-Friendly Websites specially developed by The Beast for you.

The Marketing Beast - Web Development

The Marketing Beast does its job to lead you to the right path of online greatness. The Beast will improve your Search Engine Friendliness (SEO), connect your website to the social media, promote whatever you are planning to take to those who your are interested in attracting, write blogs, have image galleries, Online Stores, and much more.

You can also chose between letting us keep your web-site updated with the latest security updates, updated content (like galleries, information, and new landing pages) for a low monthly fee, ask for our DIY service (do-it-yourself) with a written guide given to you by The Marketing Beast on the specific subject you wish to take care of, or simply do it yourself at your own risk.


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What can you ask for when requesting a Dynamic Website?

  • Discussion Forums
  • RSS News Feed
  • Blog Management
  • Interactive Polls
  • Site Search
  • Photo Galleries
  • Advertisement Management
  • Secure User Login
  • Custom Content Types
  • Email Auto-Responder
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Extensive User Permissions
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Google Adsense Integration