What is cross-browser layout?

What is cross-browser layout?

The cross-browser display is an important aspect of the work of a professional web layout designer. Making a layout displays correctly in all browsers is no easy task, let alone a website that displays correctly in a browser means that your display is correct in other browsers. Not at all.

Although validate the HTML and CSS using the W3C validation service and we know by heart the HTML and CSS standards will always be small differences between browsers display because they do not support the web standards identically. This is a situation that occurs repeatedly because browsers are developed by teams of people firms and different working rhythms and different objectives, they do what they can to accommodate improvements to each new version of web standards.

What browsers should look good a layout?

There usability studies indicating how long it should be considered a current web browser like, but the best way to know what browsers we worry about supporting a consulting web layout is usage statistics.


The chart speaks for itself: the most used browsers today are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. Internet Explorer 6 is considered deprecated, so it should support from version 7 this browser.

How to achieve a cross-browser layout?

The starting point for achieving a crossbrowser layout is to write HTML and CSS valid, but not enough. Achieve cross-browser layout necessarily going to write CSS code conditional, ie incorporated CSS code dynamically according to the client browser.

There are several techniques that can be used to achieve this goal:

  • Load specific style sheets for different versions of Internet Explorer using conditional HTML comments.
  • Load specific style sheets to include specific rules for Google Chrome and Safari based on browser detection using Javascript.
  • Use hacks to overcome deficiencies in some browsers.
  • Use a script to provide us the task of writing CSS rules depending on the browser.

How does the Online Marketing Work?

How does the Online Marketing Work?

For a good online marketing strategy you must focus on what your customers want and present your products in the digital media they use. The performance of our campaigns is based on what the user wants and looks.

Here we detail our Internet advertising services focused on enhancing the display of your brand:

To carry out the above types of campaign is essential that count on digital media to perform, which is why we offer the following services:


What is a “responsive design”?

What is a “responsive design”?

A Responsive Design interacts with the guests/visitors depending on size of their monitors (computer, smart phone or tablets), screen resolution, etc, returning the looks and feel depending on how the guests is reaching your online business. This is all possible thanks to HTML5 and CSS3.

Computers aren’t the only piece of hardware with a web browser anymore. The different windows resolutions and sizes mean that people expect to browse the web on their smart phones and tablets as easily as on a desktop computer of laptop, so to take care of this, web designers created mobile versions of the websites. Every website would have their normal ‘desktop’ version of their site, and as a bonus, a ‘mobile’ version.

It’s not just small screens, either. Large, high-resolution displays are starting to become much more common than they used to be, and it would be a waste for web designers to not take advantage of this.

In conclusion, screen sizes and resolutions are getting better and better every day, and us, web designers, create different versions of our work (mostly when we are asked to) targets individual devices, going after all kinds of searchers and web surfers.

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Why Would You Need a Website to Run a Successful Business?

Why Would You Need a Website to Run a Successful Business?

In today’s business world, businesses do need a website to represent their business and tell others on the online market who you are and what you do, and this makes the absence of an Internet presence an absolute “hand-brake” on your professional growth, as it tends to be the first point of contact between a business and a potential customer.

Here are the reasons on why you need one:

  • People Expect It
    People used to go to the Yellow Pages or check printed magazines or brochures to know who you are and what you got to offer, now they turn to the web first. Perhaps they saw something on television or received a recommendation from a friend. Searching online is the first step in a bigger process. If they do not find what they are looking for, or they find it with a competitor, that is a lost sale.
  • It Is An Important Way To Contact You
    Having a good designed and developed business website improves the ways to reach interested clients as a great point of contact and reference for your company. Here you can share a phone number, street address and even host a map with driving directions, saving potential customers time and will most likely contact you.
  • It is An Useful Way Of Marketing
    A website is an affordable way to advertise and promote either your products or services.
  • It Promotes & Provides Feedback
    A professional company website helps keep track on how the products are performing on the market. Providing the means for people to connect and share their experiences with the company is attractive to potential customers and helps you gain their trust and confidence.

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Does Your Business Really Need A Website?

Does Your Business Really Need A Website?

Does Your Business Really Need A Website? This is a question I’ve been hearing a lot these days, and the answer is: YES!

Whether your business consists of selling products or services, You do need a website and be searched and found thru search engines (Google, Bring, Yahoo, and many more) with the goal of gaining market’s advantage in today’s economy and technology.

A successfully designed website and properly developed will let you achieve both results.

Do you remember the days when it was important to have your company’s name on the Yellow Pages? That time is in the past. You can still of course use if you like and maybe look professional, but it is not what is used in the present.

Why is it so important?

Websites have been proven to reach more people than anything else. Why? because it is an interactive brochure and/or advertising piece reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by just logging onto their computers, go online and Voilà! It is also great to retain existing customers!

It is actually better to not have a website than to have one that makes
your business look bad or unprofessional.

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Why is your Online Business Identity so important!

Why is your Online Business Identity so important!

The level of internet penetration today has meant that it’s more important than ever for businesses to build a strong online business identity. Building a strong online identity involves more than just having a website. We look at how you can build a strong online identity to boost business growth.

Why Online Identity Matters

With increasing numbers of people using the internet to find out information about businesses, online identity is at least as important today as offline branding efforts may have once been for businesses. As a result, a creative agency might advise you on strategies for reinvigorating your online brand rather than solely focusing on offline branding efforts.

The key reasons for valuing a strong online identity or brand are:

  • Reach. The internet has unlimited reach, and more people are using the internet to research businesses or buy products.
  • Building trust. An online identity enables you to build credibility and trust more quickly, without the expensive outlays associated with traditional advertising or media.
  • Cost effectiveness. Building an online identity can help you reach a potentially unlimited audience for relatively low costs.
  • Matching competitors’ presence. Given the reach of the internet and the behavior of consumers, it’s more likely than not that your competitors have already taken measures to build a strong identity online. Missing out on this invaluable channel could weaken your competitiveness and cost you in terms of market share.

Elements of an Online Identity

So, it’s clear that businesses need a strong online identity to not only reach more customers, but to encourage customers to trust your business more quickly. What are the major tools available to those looking to build their online presence?

  • Website. Great website design and appealing copy is vital, but so is a fast-loading website. Research indicates that the average consumer will tend to have little patience with slow websites.
  • Logo. Logos are crucial elements for online and offline branding. A good logo makes your business instantly more recognizable and/or memorable.
  • Informational content. Content is another important element in building an online presence. Create a conversation with your market through a video blog, article or other useful content.
  • Complementary tools. These are the tools that facilitate the amplification of your online identity. Email marketing, social media marketing, and other similar types of channels can all be used to support the building of your online identity.

Building a Presence

While a good website is important for building a strong online presence, businesses need to do more than merely providing a website to their customers. To have a successful online identity, you need to understand your target market, provide useful content, use the right channels, and provide regular updates.

  • Understanding your target market. When you understand your target audience, you’re able to connect more effectively with your readers. You’ll know the design elements that will appeal to them, the right content to trigger interest, the appropriate voice and tone, and the channels where you can best reach them.
  • Provide useful content. Content is important when you’re building an online identity. It allows you to give your brand a personalized voice and tone, and it’s an excellent way to provide informative value for your audience.
  • Use the right voice and tone. Friendly and casual, or corporate and formal? The right voice and tone enhances your brand in the eyes of your target audience.
  • Use the best online channels. Knowing how to reach your audience is just as important as content. Knowing which online marketing channels (whether it’s pay-per-click advertising, blogging, video blogging, or social media) will best support your online marketing efforts is a good way of making your marketing dollars go further.
  • Regular Updates. Whether it’s updating your website copy or social media accounts, regular updates keeps your connection with your customers relevant and topical.

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