What is Java technology and why do I need?

What is Java technology and why do I need?

Java is a programming language and computing platform first created by Sun Microsystems in 1995. It is the underlying technology that allows programs using pointers, including tools, games and business applications. Java runs on more than 850 million personal computers worldwide, and on billions of devices, such as mobile devices and televisions.

Why do I need Java?

There are a number of Web sites and applications that do not work unless Java is installed, and many more that are created daily. Java is fast, secure and reliable. From laptops to datacenters, game consoles to scientific supercomputers, cell phones to the Internet, Java is everywhere.

Java? Can be downloaded for free?

Yes, Java can be downloaded for free. Get the latest version http://java.com.

Why should I upgrade to the latest version of Java?

The latest Java version contains important enhancements for performance, stability and security of Java applications running on your computer. The free update installation ensures that your Java applications continue to run safely and efficiently.


Originally called OAK, the programming language was renamed Java in 1995.

What do I get when you download Java software?

By downloading the software you get the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The JRE consists of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), core classes in the Java platform libraries and Java support. The JRE is the part related to implementation of the Java software is all you need to run Java in the web browser. When you download Java software, you only get what you need, with no spyware or viruses.

What is the Java plug?

The Java plug-in is a component of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The JRE to run applets across browsers written in the Java programming language. The Java plug-in is not a standalone program and can not be installed separately.

I’ve heard the terms Java Virtual Machine and JVM. Is this Java software?

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is only one aspect of Java software, specifically used for interaction on the web. Java Virtual Machine is included in the Java software download, and helps to run Java applications.

What is HTML5?

What is HTML5?

HTML5, together with CSS3 defines new standards for web development for both desktop computers and mobile devices and cell phones. Doors open for new design options and dynamic information.

Much is talking lately about this new version of the popular HTML. For those who still do not know and always feared ask: HTML is the programming language and basic mother of all websites. This is a set of tags that are used to format different types of content, especially text.

The only formats and displays HTML content, and has the ability to interface with variables, database, etc. Even more complex websites, system using large databases and perform complex tasks, send to browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.) Pure HTML.

HTML5 is a new version of this universal language and, while still under development, we can enjoy it in most browsers. Google Chrome is a pioneer in HTML5 support and is currently the browser that provides further support to this version of HTML.

What we offer HTML?

While it represents a lot of improvements over its previous version, these are the most important:

  • Simplification: The new code offers new ways simpler to specify some parameters and pieces of code.
  • Multimedia content: audio and video playback without plug-ins
  • Animations: Ability to display content similar to Adobe Flash, but apart from this component. HTML5 will have native support for a technology similar to Flash.
  • Data storage on the client side: A fundamental difference between desktop and web applications was the need of the latter, to process information and consultations provided databases on a server, making applications are slower and always required a constant Internet connection. HTML5 to store and process information on the client, making a Web application to an application much more like a desktop.
  • Effects and new version of CSS: The new version of HTML accompany a new version of CSS, CSS3. These are new formatting capabilities, such as the implementation of shadows, rounded edges, etc.

Many of the things that, until now, could only be achieved by inserting them as images, may be performed in code. This not only results in an improvement in the speed and performance of a site, but also in new and limitless design options.

  • Geo-location: Websites may know the physical location of the person who visits.
  • Nonstandard Fonts: Until now, perhaps the biggest limitation that designers faced was the inability to use non-standard fonts in our websites. Virtually all were limited to those that were imposed by the major browsers, such as Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, Tahoma, etc. The implementation of systems like Google Fonts today allows us to use many more!

In short: HTML5 will offer a number of improvements that will allow the development of web sites faster, more functional, and new designs.

Not Happy With Previous or Current Website Design?

Not Happy With Previous or Current Website Design?

We have heard people we meet at different events say: “I used to have a website, or currently have one, but it never portrayed my company the way it should.” If this sounds familiar, perhaps you should consider having the site re-designed by our web services team.

What Can The Marketing Beast Do For You?

Whether you’ve updated your company image with new logos or colors, or just feel your old or current site designer didn’t understand what you had in mind for your website, our experts have the experience and listening skills to help bring your dream to a reality.

Let The Marketing Beast create a big impression on the online world and all those
interested in your services and/or products. Visit our Contact page or call (407) 494-0222  for a 100% FREE quote.

Why Would You Need a Website to Run a Successful Business?

Why Would You Need a Website to Run a Successful Business?

In today’s business world, businesses do need a website to represent their business and tell others on the online market who you are and what you do, and this makes the absence of an Internet presence an absolute “hand-brake” on your professional growth, as it tends to be the first point of contact between a business and a potential customer.

Here are the reasons on why you need one:

  • People Expect It
    People used to go to the Yellow Pages or check printed magazines or brochures to know who you are and what you got to offer, now they turn to the web first. Perhaps they saw something on television or received a recommendation from a friend. Searching online is the first step in a bigger process. If they do not find what they are looking for, or they find it with a competitor, that is a lost sale.
  • It Is An Important Way To Contact You
    Having a good designed and developed business website improves the ways to reach interested clients as a great point of contact and reference for your company. Here you can share a phone number, street address and even host a map with driving directions, saving potential customers time and will most likely contact you.
  • It is An Useful Way Of Marketing
    A website is an affordable way to advertise and promote either your products or services.
  • It Promotes & Provides Feedback
    A professional company website helps keep track on how the products are performing on the market. Providing the means for people to connect and share their experiences with the company is attractive to potential customers and helps you gain their trust and confidence.

Let The Marketing Beast create a big impression on the online world and all those interested in your services and/or products. Visit our Contact page or call (407) 494-0222 for a 100% FREE quote.

Interactive Design

Interactive Design For Strong Visual Stimulation

An interactive website needs good and unique Interactive Design to help you interact with potential customers giving higher chances of reaching higher conversions. It will give access to all types of medias such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and raise the amount of people “liking” your services and keep track of them.

User Interface Design is the process of creating a graphical design with the focus on the user’s interaction within a particular website, device, or application. We specialize in creating a balance of technical functionality and visual elements to enhance the product.

Rules to create an enjoyable user experience

Having an effective website can attract or scare visitors, affecting the success of your business. Over 80% of of the US population researches products, companies, services, and even YOU before making every-day decisions.

User Research
We analyze your target market and audience through market research and user analysis.
Funnel Strategy
Our websites funnel visitors based on various marketing goals to funnel user groups.
Cutting-Edge Design
Professional high-end graphics set us above the rest. Don’t believe it? Check our portfolio!
Usability Testing
We do rigorous usability testing to make sure your users are reaching their destination!