Sell your products in the biggest market: The Internet with E-Commerce

Ready to show and sell your products online? There’s no better time to start an online store than now! The Marketing Beast can help you create, develop and easily maintain your own online store with E-Commerce where you can sell and organize you online “shelves”. It can be done making it easy for you to maintain in a safe & secure environment.

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Online Sales Projections from 2009-2014

The online sales have been going up every year, mainly after smartphones and tablets came out to the global market. Here is an example from the National Retail Federation:

E-Commerce - Retail Sales Projection for 2009-20014

Chart from National Retail Federation

Building a secure & reliable online store is not an easy task. The Beast develops it for you and makes it user friendly for you to work with it and raise your online sales and profit.

The Marketing Beast gives you two options, you can let us control your online store once a month for a low monthly rate, OR we can give you a guide on how-to-do-it-yourself.

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Managing your online store can be made easy for you. AWESOME!

Shopping carts can be designed and customized depending on the complexities of your products, services, and checkout requirements. The Beast will create a customer/user friendly media where you can access and manage customers, orders, payments, shipping, and invoices from the same back-end control panel as your website’s content.

Dynamic Web Development

Dynamic Web Development

Ready to show and/or sell your products online? There’s no better time to start an online store than now! Dynamic Web Development can help you create and easily maintain a safe and secure online store for your products and services. Visit our Portfolio to see examples of e-commerce pages we have created for clients in the past. We want to provide a Safe, Easy, and Fun way for your shoppers to surf your website.

Manage products, customers, payments, and orders

Shopping carts can be designed and customized depending on the complexities of your products, services, and checkout requirements. You will be able to access and manage customers, orders, payments, shipping, and invoices from the same back-end control panel as your website’s content. We work to automate your business to increase orders, sync your shipping, and support your customers. It’s a beautiful thing!

Mobile Web Design.

Mobile Web Design

Did you know 111.2 million consumers browse the web on their phones? Let your clients find you from wherever they are by going mobile! Online research has raised faster than expected using the mobile phones thanks to the freedom it gives everyone to access and research any information anybody needs without having to go back home and use their computers.
The Marketing Beast - Mobile Web DesignReinforce your brand with a mobile version.
Let everyone see your site from wherever they are whenever they think they need your help. The Marketing Beast offers its help to get your business ready for the internet from wherever you access it from, however anybody plans to get to you and contact you on the go. With Mobile Web design moving into the mainstream market, businesses are able to provide a richer user experience for their customers. Don’t get left behind! Gain a considerable lead on your competitors with a custom mobile website.

One click connection from anywhere

Take the need for browsing out of the equation by contacting us about developing a custom mobile application for your business. From concept to completion, we work with you to create a visually impressive and fully functional application to increase the value of your business. We’ll create your application to work in conjunction with your mobile site, creating endless opportunities for customers to contact you, increasing your accessibility and raising brand awareness globally. A strong mobile presence is becoming a necessity for businesses and combining our mobile web design services with a mobile application will establish your position as a progressive competitor.


Interactive Design

Interactive Design For Strong Visual Stimulation

An interactive website needs good and unique Interactive Design to help you interact with potential customers giving higher chances of reaching higher conversions. It will give access to all types of medias such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and raise the amount of people “liking” your services and keep track of them.

User Interface Design is the process of creating a graphical design with the focus on the user’s interaction within a particular website, device, or application. We specialize in creating a balance of technical functionality and visual elements to enhance the product.

Rules to create an enjoyable user experience

Having an effective website can attract or scare visitors, affecting the success of your business. Over 80% of of the US population researches products, companies, services, and even YOU before making every-day decisions.

User Research
We analyze your target market and audience through market research and user analysis.
Funnel Strategy
Our websites funnel visitors based on various marketing goals to funnel user groups.
Cutting-Edge Design
Professional high-end graphics set us above the rest. Don’t believe it? Check our portfolio!
Usability Testing
We do rigorous usability testing to make sure your users are reaching their destination!

Web Development.

Web Development.

The Marketing Beast uses the people offering professional web development on Content Management Systems (CMS) to develop your Dynamic/Interactive website because of its amazing Search Engine friendliness and because of how easy we can make it for you to update it whenever you need to.

User-Friendly Websites specially developed by The Beast for you.

The Marketing Beast - Web Development

The Marketing Beast does its job to lead you to the right path of online greatness. The Beast will improve your Search Engine Friendliness (SEO), connect your website to the social media, promote whatever you are planning to take to those who your are interested in attracting, write blogs, have image galleries, Online Stores, and much more.

You can also chose between letting us keep your web-site updated with the latest security updates, updated content (like galleries, information, and new landing pages) for a low monthly fee, ask for our DIY service (do-it-yourself) with a written guide given to you by The Marketing Beast on the specific subject you wish to take care of, or simply do it yourself at your own risk.


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What can you ask for when requesting a Dynamic Website?

  • Discussion Forums
  • RSS News Feed
  • Blog Management
  • Interactive Polls
  • Site Search
  • Photo Galleries
  • Advertisement Management
  • Secure User Login
  • Custom Content Types
  • Email Auto-Responder
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Extensive User Permissions
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Google Adsense Integration