What is a website and a web page?

What is a website and web page?

In English website or web site, a web site is a site (location) on the World Wide Web to contine documents (web pages) organized gerárquicamente. Each document (web page) contains text and graphics that appear as digital information on a computer screen. A site can contain a combination of graphics, text, audio, video, and other dynamic or static materials.

Each website has a home page (in English Home Page), which is the first document that the user sees when entering the website domain name getting that website in a browser. The site usually has other documents (web pages) were added. Each site is owned and managed and by one individual, a company or an organization.

As a medium, the websites are similar to movies, to television or magazines, they also create and manipulate digital images and text, but a website is also a means of communication. The main difference between a website and traditional media is that a website is on a computer network (Internet) and is encoded in such a way that allows users to interact with. Once in a website, you can make purchases, searches, send messages, and other interactive activities.

Difference between website and web page

Sometimes the term is erroneously used to refer to website website. A web page is part of a web site is a single file with a file name assigned, while a website is a set of files called web pages.

If likened to a book, a website would be the whole book and a website that website would be a chapter in that book. The title of the book would be the domain name of the website. One chapter, like a website, has a name that defines it. We say that would be a chapter, not a page of the book because it is often necessary to move on to the screen to see the entire contents of a web page, like a book you scroll through several pages to see all content of a chapter. The index of the chapters of the book would be the equivalent to site map (sitemap in English).

Ask The Marketing Beast For A WordPress Business Website

Why Ask The Marketing Beast For A WordPress Business Website?

If you research about why should you ask us for a Wordpress Business Website you would find out that WordPress is one of the most popular and advanced Content Management System (CMS) services that can be used for more than just blogging. It can be used to build a blog, a website, and more.

Web Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content management system is a tool which helps its users to manage their Wordpress Business Website and make updates as user-friendly as possible.

Using WordPress as a Website

The Marketing Beast offers a service with an amazingly powerful content management system. It has a lot of power under the hood for a small or medium business looking for an easy way to manage their web site.

A Wordpress Business Website, with a few tweaks, can be used with or without a “blog.” The fact of it being created primarily for blogging, it has gone thru an amazing web-evolution giving it some compelling advantages. It is optimized for easily publishing and changing content. And getting good search engine rankings requires fresh, unique content.

So why is a Wordpress Business Website a good choice?

Top Five Reasons to Use WordPress for Your Small Business Website

  1. SEO – WordPress provides good search engine optimization (SEO). There are a few tweaks needed to be made, but there are many seo benefits that WordPress provides which can be enhanced by The Marketing Beast.
  2. Content – it is easy to update content on your website without knowing HTML.  Do you hate the idea of having to learn to use a complex HTML editor tool like Dreamweaver? The Marketing Beast makes it even easier for the user tu do this (unless you want us to) and it will keep you away from having to learn how to use other programs like Dreamweaver, or to talk to other expensive developers to just edit a few lines.
  3. Extensions – There is a thriving ecosystem of developers like The Marketing Beast  creating themes and plug-ins to give you the ability to extend your website with polls, contact forms, ratings or hundreds of other cool features.
  4. Support – If you do have problems, or want to add very custom features, it is easy to find support from The Marketing Beast at a really low cost.

Any other questions can be asked directly to The Marketing Beast team and we will more than happy answer them and help you improve your knowledge on the system.

Web Services.

Watch your business grow with our SEO program

Search Engine Rank Building is a core aspect of achieving a higher page rank, to increase your popularity on the world wide web. If you choose to incorporate SEO marketing into your webpage, we will analyze your current SEO Page rank, run a competitive analysis, review popular keywords, and implement a strategy for a full on-page SEO campaign for you.

  • Competitor / Market Analysis
  • Internal Link Research Campaign
  • META Tag / Headline Tag Creation
  • PR Sculpting / Optimization
  • Keyword Content Creation
  • Website Content Optimization

Off-Page SEO and Social Media services

Another critical aspect of building your popularity on the web is increasing the number of quality and relevant websites which link to your business. Search Engine Rank Building (SERB) is an intricate process of locating quality link partners and actively updating linking campaigns. We implement this strategy when requested, in order to achieve a higher page rank, greater search engine visibility, and strong link popularity. Utilizing both SEO marketing and SERB together, to expand your page rank.

  • Local Business Listing Creation
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Article Creation & Submission
  • Forum Posting & Discussions
  • Niche Directory Submissions
  • PR (Press Release) Creation
  • Business Blogging
  • Quality Blog Commenting
  • Classified Submission
  • Quality Link Building
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Wiki & Yahoo Answers

Web Development.

Web Development.

The Marketing Beast uses the people offering professional web development on Content Management Systems (CMS) to develop your Dynamic/Interactive website because of its amazing Search Engine friendliness and because of how easy we can make it for you to update it whenever you need to.

User-Friendly Websites specially developed by The Beast for you.

The Marketing Beast - Web Development

The Marketing Beast does its job to lead you to the right path of online greatness. The Beast will improve your Search Engine Friendliness (SEO), connect your website to the social media, promote whatever you are planning to take to those who your are interested in attracting, write blogs, have image galleries, Online Stores, and much more.

You can also chose between letting us keep your web-site updated with the latest security updates, updated content (like galleries, information, and new landing pages) for a low monthly fee, ask for our DIY service (do-it-yourself) with a written guide given to you by The Marketing Beast on the specific subject you wish to take care of, or simply do it yourself at your own risk.


Request a FREE QUOTE and receive the services The Marketing Beast offers.

What can you ask for when requesting a Dynamic Website?

  • Discussion Forums
  • RSS News Feed
  • Blog Management
  • Interactive Polls
  • Site Search
  • Photo Galleries
  • Advertisement Management
  • Secure User Login
  • Custom Content Types
  • Email Auto-Responder
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Extensive User Permissions
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Google Adsense Integration