Why A Business Blog?

Why A Business Blog?

Because of the community building and marketing capabilities of business blogs.

A blog can be an incredible tool for sharing information and expertise. Kathleen Goodwin, CEO of iMakeNews, says business blogs “can offer organizations a platform where information, data, and opinion can be shared and traded among employees, customers, partners, and prospects in a way previously impossible: a two-way, open exchange” (Meet The B-Blog).

Instead of sending out communiques through email that may or not be responded to, a blog offers a business a chance to build a real community. Blogs make it easy and quick for people to post, comment, and update posts – making it easy for everyone to participate.

And business blogs can be a powerful marketing tool. “No one listens anymore to sanitized marketing messages. If you find the right person in your organization to “blog” about your products or services you’ll brand your company as authentic and knowledgeable,” says Debbie Weil, publisher of WordBiz Report (5 Key Questions To Ask About Business Blogs).

For small businesses, a blog can be an inexpensive way to establish an Internet presence, points out About Small Business: Information Guide Darrell Zahorsky. “For small business owners without the time to learn web html or the money to hire a designer/developer, blogging offers a cheap method to get your company’s name out” (What A Blog Can Do For Your Business).

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