Static Web Development.

Static Website Development Services

As we said in Static Web Design, If all you want is a ‘business card’ online then a few web pages will be fine. You don’t need a content management system for that (WordPress), after all you are not really managing anything. The Beast uses the latest in Web Development using HTML5 and CSS3 still giving the “Out-Of-The-Box”  look and feel that will catch your customer’s attention.

Accessibility through Cross-Browser compatibility

Have you heard how all web browsers (e.g. Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome, Opera) read websites differently? It means WE HAVE TO develop, test, fix, develop again and debug for every browser to make sure your website is 100% accessible through all means and The Beast is an expert on this subject, so relax and let us do all the work for you.

The Marketing Beast - Cross-Browser Compatibility