Sell your products in the biggest market: The Internet with E-Commerce

Ready to show and sell your products online? There’s no better time to start an online store than now! The Marketing Beast can help you create, develop and easily maintain your own online store with E-Commerce where you can sell and organize you online “shelves”. It can be done making it easy for you to maintain in a safe & secure environment.

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Online Sales Projections from 2009-2014

The online sales have been going up every year, mainly after smartphones and tablets came out to the global market. Here is an example from the National Retail Federation:

E-Commerce - Retail Sales Projection for 2009-20014

Chart from National Retail Federation

Building a secure & reliable online store is not an easy task. The Beast develops it for you and makes it user friendly for you to work with it and raise your online sales and profit.

The Marketing Beast gives you two options, you can let us control your online store once a month for a low monthly rate, OR we can give you a guide on how-to-do-it-yourself.

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Managing your online store can be made easy for you. AWESOME!

Shopping carts can be designed and customized depending on the complexities of your products, services, and checkout requirements. The Beast will create a customer/user friendly media where you can access and manage customers, orders, payments, shipping, and invoices from the same back-end control panel as your website’s content.