Static Web Development

Static Website Development Lets Your Business Get Started On A Low Budget

Static Web Development works if all you want is a ‘business card’ online then a few web pages will be fine. You don’t need a content management system for that (Wordpress), after all you are not really managing anything. A dynamic website would be highly recomended you are looking for a way to actually spread the word and name of your business or whatever you are planing on bringing to the online market. If you don’t have a decent CMS things will become unwieldy and confusing as you add more content. It’ll be frustrating to maintain as well.

Why get a static website?

Companies that blog and use social media to engage their posible clients may not be able to get this service. They would miss very important ways to actually promote themselves. That is why The Marketing Beast says “Get a staic site ONLY if you are planing on using it as an online business card, a static landing page with information about a product you promoted be email using Email Marketing, or simply to put your site on hold until a Dynamic Site gets ready (which we offer if you ask us to build one for you) and still want people to know who ou are when they get to you site.