Online Brand Identity

The powerful meaning of an online brand identity

Your Online Brand Identity represents the personality of your company, and should represent how you want your products and/or services to be perceived by you customers and users. The Marketing Beast help you develop icons, names and/or symbols which your clients and users can identify with your product, services and/or company.

What types of brand identity does The Beast Offer?

The Marketing Beast can create, not only your website to be seen by customers on the online world, but it can also create your looks and feel for email promotions, landing pages for special events of information, and your look and feel in Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Our goal is to make the first impression to stick

When an online customer or client gets to your web page, they need to feel like thay are at the right place, that is why it has to be closely related to what you are offering and give an idea on what they can expect from it. Need to make them curious about your products wanting to find and know more about you. The Marketing Beast create the visual cues that tell the user that they are in the right place, looking at what they were looking for, and checking out the right place for the right product. Are you ready for this service? Contact Us for a FREE QUOTE and The Beast will get back to you ASAP.

  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Brand Management
  • Color / Image Selection
  • Position Statement Creation
  • Custom Logo Design
  • Business Card Design