Awards & Recognitions

Awards & Recognitions

The Beast as been honored by receiving awards & recognitions in web design, online advertising, and much more. Has also received titles, certificates, commemorative plaques, medals, badges, pins… And looking for more.

Here are some of the awards and recognitions The Beast has received since he joined the media:

AutoZone – Extra Miler

Given in recognition for always finishing projects before due dates/deadlines, always pushing a little harder to create unique and out-of-the-box work.

2009 FNAME Annual Conference

A Marketing Beast member won 1st place in Online Advertisement, competing against many online magazines and newspapers in Central Florida.

2003 Outstanding Art Work

A Marketing Beast member won top of the line award for outstanding art work and always offering help to those co-workers who needed a little push or information on how to do the work.

2001 Miami Dade County Fair & Exposition

Second place on hand drawn art work against over 500 competitors from South Florida.